The trend of adoption of new technological innovations and advanced devices, also decrease in the life cycle of electronic products like computers, laptops, mobile phones generate large amount of electronic waste in generates, specifically million tons of E-waste in Sharjah and across the world.

Careful handling of such e-Waste responsibly in line with emerging Global best practices and Standards, VIROGREEN MIDDLE EAST FZ LLC is UAE’s largest environmental services company & leading professional E-waste Management Company offering exclusive E-waste management services in Sharjah and to organizations all over UAE.

With greater technological advancement, the accumulation of used and discarded electrical and electronics equipments which most of them could end up in landfills or waterways, improper recycling by unauthorized recyclers and thrown into open, causing serious damage to the environment.

Therefore, there’s need for handling e-Waste disposals in a responsible manner in line with emerging Global best practices and Standards. At Virogreen, our aim is to reduce the accumulation of unused and discarded Electronic and Electrical equipment’s with strict adherence to the guidelines, assuring of an effective and safest disposal of e-Waste across UAE.

Having first-rate e-Waste service, we have been regarded as one of the topmost e-Waste recycling Company in UAE. We have been implementing a simple, straight-forward, transparent and sustainable method of recycle and management of e-Waste.  We use all types of contemporary equipments and latest innovations for proper disposal and recycling in addition to secure data destruction in UAE. Proper certification is done by us for the proper disposal.